ANIMALS: Lebanon Celebrates Har Adar Attack By Distributing Candy

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  1. “Loh b’nei adam” – they are not human.
    -Not when the celebrate an infant being shot in the head by a sniper.
    -Not when they celebrate children burned to death in a pizza shop bombing.
    -Not when they celebrate innocent men and women jumping to their deaths from burning skyscrapers.
    -And not now, either.

  2. It’s so so so stupid & Satmar says it’s only bec of the Medina why they hate us & want to kill us, bunch of BS, like comment # 1 said, they are Pereh-Adam, & this explains who they really are, the Torah says it clearly & Satmar wants to say before the Medina we lived together in peace, harmony, friendship, they would let Arabs babysit their children, this is such a bunch of Crock it’s unbelievable, & they wish that the UN would take over Isreal, give me a break, the UN cares about Jewish life just as much as the China cares which basically means they don’t give a hoot, I say to Satmar look what’s going on in Our Holy Land & u say it’s all bec of the Medina, this is your proof that it’s not, it’s got nothing to do with the Medina, it has to do with that the Arabs hate us & want to kill us all, when President Trump met with Abbas Y”S (Yimach Shmo & he is a Shmo) he said what makes you not a terrorist, everything your ppl do is to kill & destroy Isreal there is nothing peaceful about u, he said the truth !!! Down Down with the Arabs,


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