Annual Pillow Fight At Military Academy In West Point Turns Violent; 30 Injured


pillow fightWhat is usually an innocent tradition turned bloody at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point when freshmen cadets swung pillowcases packed with hard objects during an annual pillow fight.

Lt. Col. Christopher Kasker told The New York Times the pillow fight is organized by first-year students as a way to build camaraderie after a grueling summer of training to prepare them for plebe life.

According to Kasker, upperclassmen overseeing the fight required cadets to wear helmets, but video of the incident showed many did not follow that instruction.

Some cadets are even believed to have swung pillowcases packed with their helmets instead.

Video of the violent pillow fight has surfaced on YouTube, and pictures on Instagram and Twitter — that were posted and later removed from the social media site — showed people with battered and bloodied faces, TV-10/55’s Diane Macedo reported.

Read more at CBS NEW YORK.

{ Newscenter}



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