Anthony Weiner Takes on BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith Over ‘Occupied Territories’ Term


anthony-weinerDisgraced former New York congressman and mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner this past weekend went up against a Jewish BuzzFeed honcho who said he sees no problem with using the term “occupied territories” when describing disputed areas under Israel’s control.

BuzzFeed editor-in-chief, Ben Smith, tweeted on Saturday, “I don’t think ‘occupied territories’ is actually a disputed term. Yikes.” Weiner, who is also Jewish, retorted, tweeting, “yeah it is. Is Gaza ‘occupied’ since Israel withdrew?”

The exchange came in response to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s controversial use of the term, and the uproar that followed, in a speech he gave Saturday.

The phrase is rejected by Israel and the Jewish state’s supporters who see it as representing the Arab position in the ongoing Israeli-Arab conflict.

Christie has since apologized for his remarks, as reported yesterday here on




  1. I would have never been too keen to think that the term “occupied territories” was a change in the political environment, but now that we have had this little casual talk among the Republicans and Jewish Republican Front, we can now think that the territories are indeed “disputed” which calls into the question as to whether there is truly a future for a palestinian state. Sounds very counter “democracy”, but are not the Jewish people entitled to all of their ancestral land. I think so and I will now call them disputed territories. Worlds build on speech.


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