Anti-Israel Former U.K. Lawmaker George Galloway Will Run For London Mayor


George GallowayAnti-Israel former United Kingdom parliament member George Galloway will enter the race to become the next mayor of London.

“London has for too long been run in the interests of the 1 percent working in the city’s glittering towers, whilst the vast majority of Londoners feel that their voices are not heard,” Galloway said, The Guardian reported.

“I’m running because I want to represent every piece of the mosaic of this city which I have called home for 35 years,” he said.

Galloway is eyeing to replace the Mayor Boris Johnson of the Conservative Party in 2016.

Last month, Galloway blamed “racists” and “Zionists” for an election loss to Labour Member of Parliament Naseem Shah. Last year, he declared his city of Bradford as an “Israel-free zone,” in which Israeli tourists, academics, and products are not welcome. Galloway has also vigorously supported Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, saying that Israel and al-Qaeda—not Assad—are responsible for using chemical weapons on Syrian civilians.




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