Anti-Semitic Group Plans Rally in Frum Area of London


stamford-hill-rallyAn anti-Semitic group is planning a rally against the “Jewification of Great Britain” in an area of north London with a strong frum population.

The rally, set for March 22, is organized by a group called “Liberate Stamford Hill,” referring to a district of the British capital that has the highest concentration of frum Jews in Europe.

“We are demonstrating against the illegal and unlawful Jewish Shomrim Police that are enforcing talmudic law on British streets,” says the protest’s Facebook page. “These armed thugs are impersonating our police yet they have not been arrested in doing so, in fact, they are supported by the Metropolitan police. In Stamford Hill, Whites are openly spat at in the street and made to feel as if they are Second-Class citizens in their own country, we say ENOUGH White Man, It’s time we fightback!”

Later, a post by the group reads: “We certainly can’t promise a Nuremberg rally, the budget just doesn’t cover that much just yet.” The post was in response to a tweet by the North London Anti-Fascist action group, which says it will release a statement on the rally soon.

The group remains defiant in the face of widespread condemnation and apparent plans for a counter-protest on the same day.

“The Jews are mobilising an Anti-White army against us,” said the group in a post on Facebook. “We welcome the opposition, any chance to show how both the Left-Wing and Jews are working hand-in-hand is an opportunity to be taken advantage of.”




  1. Evil wants its revolution.

    America worked.

    The rest will follow suit.

    This is horrendus.

    I hope the police make MANY arrests.

    Never again.


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