APP Features Report On Lakewood Mikvah


lakewood-mikvahThe APP reports: A new religious facility will make it easier for members of the township’s Orthodox Jewish community to adhere to their cleansing ritual of immersion in water.

Congregation Mikvah Taharah remains a few months shy of completion on New Hampshire Avenue next to the E-Z Self Storage facility across from Andrew’s Corner luxury rental apartments near Route 70 in the township. A mikvah mainly features a small bath similar in appearance to those found in an upscale spa.

Inside, the mikvah will boast a 22,404-square-foot space. Most modern facilities offer a more luxurious interior with dressing rooms and showers used both before and after immersion.Usually, those bathing immerse themselves once or twice in the water before they get out. Outside, the facility’s 2.5-acre site will feature a semi-circular driveway for easy access as well as 81 parking spaces. Read the APP report here.

{ Newscenter}


  1. BH someone has undertaken this massive $6,000,000 job to help relieve the great backlog from teh present Mikva on 11th Street.

    May HKBH grant them much Hatzlocho to finish this project in a very timely manner.

    It is really special that all this happens beneath the radar scope, without fanfare, all L’Shem Shomayim.

    Tizku L’Mitzvos

  2. Why did a goyishe newspaper find the need to publicize this? This doesn’t concern them at all and will only engender negative comments and unwanted publicity for the frum community.


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