Appeal Granted In Lev Tahor Case, Children Do Not Have To Go To Quebec


lev-tahor2A Superior Court judge has ruled 14 Lev Tahor children subject to a Quebec court order no longer have to return to that province, where they would be placed in foster care, reports The Toronto Star.

Judge Lynda Templeton ruled today that Ontario Court of Justice Judge Stephen Fuerth erred in his original Feb. 3, 2014 decision that upheld the Quebec order. Her ruling means the children may stay in Ontario, but she directed the Ontario Court of Justice to address the question of what will happen with the seven children who are currently in foster care.

They are there because of an impromptu flight that saw some of the 14 children removed from the country ahead of the first appeal hearing. Eight of those children were apprehended and seven were placed in foster care with Jewish families in Toronto.

The Ontario Court of Justice is the court with the jurisdiction to decide whether they should remain in foster care. The court has already ordered eight hours of weekly visits by the parents of the children and directed Chatham-Kent Children’s Services to pay a portion of the travel costs.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Baruch Hashem! Baruch Hashem! What a beautiful Erev Pesach present! Der Eibershter is always there protecting his dear Bnei Yisroel!!

  2. I would agree with Ben Torah. One of the primary reasons this started was the group wasn’t following the state guidelines on education. Does anyone see the state going after the Amish community of Canada. There are similarities between the two. Too many have only heard what press reports have said, without the benefit of the actual documentation. Get ALL the information and then understand there’s more hype than anything. Furthermore, do NOT condemn a fellow Jew Before knowing All there is.

  3. #2: The Yidden won the case on appeal and the order to take their children away to Quebec has B”H been overturned Erev Yom Tov.

  4. #6: It is a very good thing because children belong with their parents and a government has no right to kidnap Jewish children and rip them away from their parents under false pretenses.


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