Apple CEO Tim Cook Tells President Rivlin: ‘We Have Enormous Admiration for Israel’


tim-cook-rivlin[Video here.] Apple CEO Tim Cook told Israeli President Reuven Rivlin on Wednesday that his company greatly respects the Jewish state.

“We have enormous admiration for Israel not only as a huge ally to the US, but as a place to do business,” Cook said during a meeting with Rivlin at the presidential compound in Jerusalem. He highlighted the fact that Apple has over 700 employees in Israel and that there are over 6,000 people in the Jewish state developing applications for the company’s iOS platform.

Cook also expressed admiration for Rivlin’s efforts in advancing human rights, telling the president, “You inspire us to do good work.”

Rivlin told Cook he was honored to host the Apple CEO “knowing what you are doing for all humanity.”

“Everyone in Israel appreciates your company,” he said. “You are doing miracles for the whole world.”

Rivlin also joked about his lack of familiarity with Apple products and how it affects his role as a grandfather.

“My grandchildren… they say ‘if we, your grandchildren, [are] without an iPad, it means you are not a grandfather,'” Rivlin said. “I cannot use [it]. I only know how to write down with a pencil or a pen. But nevertheless, when my assistants are helping me, especially my grandchildren, I have nine grandchildren, everyone is a great expert in knowing how to find his way.”

Watch Apple CEO Tim Cook’s meeting with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin in the video HERE.

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  1. ?? ??????? ??? ???????.
    “Human rights” includes many “rights”, some of which Tim Cook personally chooses to use.
    We are not proud of the state of Israel for their acceptance of these “rights”.

  2. apple destroyd the world didnt make it any better just worse and annoying the worse thing to do to humanity get connected to any apple device (btw talking from my own experiance )


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