Arab Terror Suspects Caught With Yarmulka and Tzitizis May Have Planned to Pose as Chareidim


arab-workersToday, Israeli police arrested seven Palestinian Authority Arabs, including a woman, who may have been planning to disguise themselves as chareidim in order to carry out a terrorist attack. According to a report on Arutz Shevah. police set up checkpoints in both directions on Highway 1 connecting Tel Aviv and Yerushalayim, causing mammoth traffic jams. Police located the Arabs in a rented car which also contained a yarmulkah and tzitzis.

Five of the terror suspects had crossed the separation barrier without work permits, and two others were from East Jerusalem, according to the Arutz Shevah report. Police have not yet determined why the woman was hiding religious articles.

Terrorist cells within the PA have recently threatened to attack Israeli citizens and soldiers. Israeli security forces have continued to arrest wanted terrorists during nighttime counterterrorist operations.

Twelve wanted terrorists were arrested last night and early this morning.

{Yair Israel/Arutz Shevah}


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