Arab Urges Rav Kook’s Commemoration


Dr. Ramadan Dabash, Council Chairman of East Yerushalayim’s notorious Tzur Baher neighborhood, visited the Knesset and urged MKs to support a Bayit Yehudi bill that calls for official state remembrance of Rav Avrohom Yitzchok Hakohein Kook.

“For me, Rav Kook is a figure of peace, and one can learn much from him,” Dr. Dabash told Arutz Sheva. “When I saw his writings, I understood that he was concerned with minorities, and we all have the same G-d. Rav Kook is a man of correct Zionism, and doesn’t conflict with Islam.”

“The terrorists don’t represent anyone, including themselves,” Dr. Dabash said when asked about the terrorists from his neighborhood. “We encourage peace and pursue peace. I oppose and condemn anyone who commits a crime, and it doesn’t matter if he’s Jewish or Arab. I’m here to stop the bloodshed in the holy city.”

{ Israel News Bureau}



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