Argentine Prosecutor To Continue Probe Into President’s Alleged Iran Cover-Up



An Argentine prosecutor said the investigation into Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s alleged cover-up of Iran’s involvement in the 1994 Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association (AMIA) Jewish center bombing, a probe launched by late prosecutor Alberto Nisman, will continue.

“An investigation will be initiated with an eye toward substantiating… the accusations and whether those responsible can be held criminally responsible,” said a document published by state prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita, who will take on the case, Reuters reported.

A report by Nisman revealed that he had accused Kirchner of secretly negotiating with Iran to avoid punishments for those behind the 1994 bombing of the AMIA center in Buenos Aires. The bombing killed 85 people and injured 300. In 2013, Nisman, who was investigating the bombing after Iran and Argentina reached a widely criticized deal to establish a joint “truth commission” to investigate the attack, released an indictment blaming Iran and Hezbollah for the attack.

In January, just days before Nisman was scheduled to testify on his findings, he was discovered dead in his apartment’s bathroom with a handgun lying next to his body. Authorities continue to investigate the cause of his death.


{ Newscenter}



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