ArtScroll-Like Elucidation of Maseches Obama Basra, Perek HaDonald, By Daniel Filreis

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Earlier this week, Matzav disseminated the now well-known “Maseches Obama Basra,” released in honor of Purim 5776 by Rabbi Josh Flug of Boca Raton.

Yesterday, we were treated to a “shiur” on that very daf of Maseches Obama Basra, Perek HaDonald, by the brilliant Rav Eytan Feiner, the dynamic rov of the White Shul, Cong. Knesseth Israel in Far Rockaway.

Today, we share with you an ArtScroll-like translation of Maseches Obama Basra, Perek HaDonald. This English elucidation was written by Daniel Filreis, a 12th grade student at the Mesivta in Atlanta.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW the English elucidation of Perek HaDonald.

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  1. Compare to daf? Add this daf to the cycle especially in an iber yhor. This will be necessary when the date changes due to elliptic movement of the earth and sun. See eiruvin

  2. SO happy to see you guys sharing and so excited about the Daf that was produced by YU graduates. Warms my heart to see the unity you guys have in celebrating the brilliance, and amazing talent that Yeshiva University produces!


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