ArtScroll’s “Kabbalas HaTorah Sale”: 30% off ArtScroll Sets!


As we count down to Kabbalas HaTorah, ArtScroll is offering 30 percent off many of its bestselling sets of classic Torah works. (Sale does not include individual volumes.)

This is the time to stock up on gifts and to make sure our homes are graced with these beautiful and durable classics.

For more information about the sale, click here.

Here is a sampling of ArtScroll sets to choose from during this limited-time sale, which ends June 6:

The Schottenstein Edition of Talmud Bavli: Hailed as one of the greatest achievements in the history of Jewish publishing, this treasure house of Torah is available at an incredible price. Save more than $900 on the 73-volume full-size set, and more than $700 on the daf-yomi set, which includes every word of the full-size edition in a more compact size.

Yad Avraham Mishnah Series: This 44-volume set includes a translation of the Mishnah with a comprehensive commentary; in-depth introductions; full Hebrew text of the commentary of R’ Ovadiah of Bertinoro; and many explanatory diagrams.

Schottenstein Edition Mishnah Elucidated: Especially convenient for those learning Mishnayos for specific events such as a sheloshim or a yahrzeit, and for those who want to make Mishnah study a part of their daily learning, this edition includes fully vowelized Hebrew text of the Mishnah, full text of R’ Ovadiah of Bertinoro’s commentary, and a clear, flowing translation and elucidation that follow the format of the Schottenstein Edition Talmud.

Ryzman Edition Hebrew Mishnah: A multilevel Hebrew-language elucidation of Mishnah, enabling readers to learn at the level of their choice. Includes commentary of R’ Ovadiah of Bertinoro.

The Sapirstein Edition Rashi: This masterful treatment enables scholar, student, and layman alike to gain a clear understanding of the classic Chumash commentary.

Ramban on the Torah: Ramban’s classic commentary elucidated in the manner of the Schottenstein Talmud. Introductions to each section make even the Ramban’s most complex insights understandable.

Stone Edition Chumash: The classic Stone Chumash in five convenient, personal-size volumes. Each volume includes its own index and appropriate haftaros and Megillos.

Schottenstein Edition Interlinear Chumash: This five-volume slipcased set features a newly reset Hebrew text of the Chumash, Targum Onkelos and Rashi’s commentary; English translation below each Hebrew word; interlinear haftaros; commentary, diagrams, and illustrations; and long-life embossed binding.

For more information about the sale, click here.



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