As Palestinians Riot in West Bank, Two Men Attacked in Yerushalayim



Palestinian rioters took to the street in Chevron and other West Bank cities on Friday following afternoon prayers amid Hamas’s call for a “Day of Rage” against Israel.

In Chevron, Palestinian protesters threw stones, fireworks, and Molotov cocktails at Israel Defense Forces.

Additionally, a Jewish man was stabbed and another Jewish man was beaten in an altercation in eastern Jerusalem. According to police reports, the two victims, who sustained light injuries, were attacked by Arab men as they were walking to their yeshiva. Police are investigating the incident.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, meanwhile, said in a statement from Ramallah on Friday, “You mustn’t come close to our mosques, to our churches. And we won’t come close to your synagogues.”


{ Israel}


  1. In other words, don’t come close to our command posts, mortar/rocket stockpiles and launching sites. Also stay away from our “innocent” hospitals and UN schools!


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