As Sinai Border Heats Up, Egypt Buries Its Head in the Sand


sinaiIsraeli security officials are convinced that steps reportedly taken by the Egyptians to quell extremists’ terror activity in Sinai have had negligible effect. Even after the widely publicized operation by Egyptian security forces in Sinai during August and September, dozens of armed Bedouin were able to launch an attack on an Egyptian security compound in El-Arish.

Morsi tried to engage with extremists in Sinai, but the negotiations led nowhere. Attacks on Egypt’s army have escalated during the past two weeks. The problem is clear and ominous: increasingly expansive activity undertaken by radical organizations that view Israel as an accessible target, in a period when a new Egyptian government has not shown much determination to bring such militant terror actions to an end.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. I must be stupid. I can’t figure out from this what’s going on. Are they first attacking Egyptian forces and then we come next? Either I’m missing something or the article is missing some info. Please…..somebody!


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