As World Burns, White House Boasts of ‘Tranquility of Global Community’


white-house-press-secretary-josh-earnestWhite House press secretary Josh Earnest said this week that the Obama administration’s foreign policies in a number of areas have enhanced the world’s “tranquility” – a word that raised eyebrows as reporters pointed to situations in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine and the South China Sea.

More than one reporter during Monday’s press briefing referred to a front-page Wall Street Journal article highlighting some of those crises, and citing security strategists as saying “the breadth of global instability now unfolding hasn’t been seen since the late 1970s.”

“How does the White House react to the notion that the president is a bystander to all these crises?” asked Fox News’ Ed Henry, citing the widening gaps between the sides in the Iranian nuclear talks, the conflict in and around Gaza, and the Syrian civil war.

“I think that there have been a number of situations in which you’ve seen this administration intervene in a meaningful way, that has substantially furthered American interests and substantially improved the, uh, you know, the – the tranquility of the global community,” Earnest replied.

ABC News’ Jon Karl quoted Attorney General Eric Holder’s assessment in an interview aired Sunday that the terrorist potential arising from Westerners returning home after fighting in Syria was “more frightening than anything I think I’ve seen as attorney general.”

Karl then pointed to “what’s looking like an all-out war” between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, Sunni jihadist successes in “taking over vast territory in Iraq and in Syria,” Russian aggression in Ukraine, and concerns about Chinese handling of territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

“It doesn’t seem like a time to be touting tranquility on the international scene,” he told Earnest. “Do you think the president’s foreign policy bears any responsibility for any of this, or is there anything he can do about any of this?”

Earnest said President Obama’s thinking about foreign policy was guided by one core principle – “the national security interests of the United States of America.”

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  1. he’s the type of guy that will spit in your face and say that it’s raining. If you believe him I got a bridge to sell you

  2. It is all Bush’s fault. Poor Obama he has no responsibility for anything. And if you disagree you a racist even Eric Holder thinks that.

  3. So is this the new fresh-faced liar to take the place of the bespectacalled carney?

    Where did he go to acting school?

  4. This sounds like everyone in the white house and congress is on legal? pot supplied by Colorado. Maybe they can force everyone in this country to start smoking so we can sing combaya together.

  5. The Wall Street Journal the other day had a prominent piece on the level of global instability being lower than at anytime since the 1970’s ??????, which some experts connect to this administrations fumbling, lack of US leadership under it…

  6. To add to #4’s comments, any opposition to Obama (in light of Holder’s recent venomous remarks) is essentially tantamount to a hate crime.


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