At Least 17 Dead As Firefighters Struggle To Weaken California Fires


Hundreds of firefighters struggled Tuesday to weaken a series of Northern California fires, aided by more-favorable weather but still unable to contain an arc of flames that has killed 17 people, destroyed more than 2,000 buildings and battered the region’s lifeblood wine industry.

More than 25,000 people fled homes from seven counties north of San Francisco, filling dozens of shelters that state officials had hoped to consolidate in the coming days to provide more-efficient services. Many left houses with nothing, and officials acknowledged Tuesday that it could be weeks before some are able to return to what is left.

The scope of the damage prompted President Donald Trump on Tuesday to approve federal emergency assistance to California, agreeing to a request made by Gov. Jerry Brown, D. The declaration, announced by Vice President Mike Pence during a visit to the state’s Office of Emergency Services near Sacramento, provides immediate funds for debris clearing and supplies for evacuation centers, among other aid.

Officials said that 180 people are missing and they expect the death toll to rise.

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  1. Of the very numerous business facilities that were destroyed were the campuses of two very prestigious hotels in the city of Santa Rosa: the Hilton Sonoma Wine Country and the Fountaingrove Inn. In general, it is well known that, throughout history, very unfortunately, hotels and motels have been frequently used by all kinds of corrupt people as “good” places to do all kinds of corrupt activities — AWAY from the view of their families and friends and (legitimate) business associates, and, law enforcement!

    More specifically, in recent years, the prestigious world wide “Hilton Hotels & Resorts” has repeatedly openly announced that they fully accommodate Toeiva “couples” at their facilities. In June 2016, they put out an advertisement that was unabashedly excessively blunt in their promotion of Toeiva (see In their current web site at, they immensely proudly declare their most fullest absolute support and accommodation of all activities and events of Toeiva.

    As the city of Santa Rosa is located about an hour’s drive from the Toeiva capital of the world, Scam ShamSicko, it is reasonable to assume that this SR Hilton branch had more Toeiva guests and Toeiva activity than most other Hilton hotels. So we must realize that it is very appropriate that in this massive conflagration, this wicked hotel facility was totally obliterated.

    There is no indication at all that the Fountaingrove Inn gave any kind of accommodation whatsoever to Toeiva at all. However, the Hilton Sonoma Wine Country is located in fairly close proximity to the Fountaingrove Inn; it is on the adjacent street, around the corner. While we do not know if or how much business Fountainview did with the Hilton, this is obviously a glaring example of the statement of Chazal: “Oy L’Rasha, Oy Lishchaino” – “Woe is to the wicked man, (and) Woe is to his neighbor!”

  2. And besides all the abomination,one more point was left out. The reform heretics had a summer kids camp that burnt to the ground. They had a four million dollar building built there and had about 1500 kids. We need to save these kids from spiritual anhilation.


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