Attacker Was Seen Earlier at 770


770[Video here.] The man who stabbed a bochur at 770 Eastern Parkway Monday night was chased out of the Chabad Headquarters earlier that afternoon, a witness said.

The man who entered the main shul at 770 Eastern Parkway and attacked 22 year old Levi Rosenblatt on Monday night was seen at 770 at approximately 5:00 pm on Monday afternoon, by a witness who told COLlive that he “chased him away.”

“I asked him what is he doing here, he was walking around downstairs,” the witness said. “He replied, ‘I’m not allowed to be here?’ He kept asking all kinds of questions about what time the learning takes place in the Shul and other information.”

After being chased out, he quickly ran out of the building and drove away in a gray Nissan sedan, the witness said.

The same car is now parked directly in front of the entrance to 770.

A member of Shmira told COLlive that police have already spoken to the attacker’s mother at her home in Long Island, whom the car is registered to.

The attacker, who is described as a 49 year old black male, lives in Brooklyn with his wife, who told police he had been missing for a day and a half.

Police do not suspect terrorism to be the cause of the incident.

“He was apparently a mentally disturbed individual who had not taken his medication,” the Shmira member reported.

770 remains closed for Shachris Tuesday morning, NYPD informed.

Video here


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