Audio: OK Rabbinic Coordinator Discusses Situation Surrounding Korn’s Bakery and Volover Rov’s Withdrawal


rabbi-yitzchak-hanoka[Audio below.] The following audio is from an interview conducted tonight by Zev Brenner with Rabbi Yitzchak Hanoka, a Rabbinic Coordinator with OK Kashrus Laboratories, regarding the recent tumult surrounding Korn’s Bakery – officially known as 15th Avenue Food Corp which bakes under several labels – and the Volover Rov’s withdrawing his hashgacha. The OK, which has given hashgacha on Korn’s for about 20 years, and has done so jointly with the Volover Rov, has expressed some surprise at the Volover Rov’s decision.

In this informative interview, Rabbi Hanoka clarifies exactly what took place and the OK’s position on the matter.

To listen, click below.

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  1. The Volover’s research & statement by the Volover Ruv raises serious concerns re: Korn’s.
    There was a lack of control by the Volover’s mashgiach of labels posibly some ingredients as well. After listening to the OK interview we still can’t feel comfortable with the situation.

  2. It so happens that the Volover’s Rebbe’s business and personal expenses went up drastically, unfortunatly. When he requested a substantial increase in the fee, they only agreed to a minimal increase and only starting in a year; blaming the poor economy. The Rebbe is a smart man and he knows that they were not affected; to the contrary they’re doing very well. They just selfishly want to keep more of the net income to themselves.

  3. After listening to the interview I’m left with allot of doubts obviously the labels should not have been moved of the location Is that enough to cancel hashgocho maybe but why does it take five minutes in to the interview for the ok rabbi to get to the root of the issue And for Zev brenner to limply that it is a money issue is the hight of all chutzpa. Who is he to judge the Volovo Rebbe whos hashgocho is trusted all over?

  4. NO it Isn’t that the same “Haschgacha” that there was a problem with the TREIF hot dogs, in Boro Park that was tartikov
    volver is the best hechser out there today


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