Audio: Rav Belsky Answers Numerous Shailos at Rayim Mesivta


rav-belsky[Audio below.] Rav Yisroel Belsky, rosh yeshiva at Yeshiva Torah Vodaas and one of the senior poskim in the United States, visiting Camp Rayim earlier this week. Rav Belsky, who serves as mara d’asra of Camp Agudah, in Ferndale, NY, spoke at Rayim Mesivta, the high school learning division of Camp Rayim. Rav Belsky delivered a fascinating array of teshuvos on numerous areas of halacha and hashkafa. Some of the topics addressed by Rav Belsky were the requirement to tip waiters and counselors; the method for an American born-and-bred bochur to complete Shas and daled chelkei Shulchan Aruch; going shopping in a supermarket that has inappropriate magazines at the checkout; kissing one’s hand before or after touching a mezuzah; putting clothing on a heater which was off and was then turned on and burnt the clothing; the obligation to listen to one’s parent when the parent tells the child to do something for the benefit of the child; and much more.

To listen to the shiur, click below:



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