Ayatollah Khamenei: Our Stances on the Nuclear Issue Have Not Changed

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Ali KhameneiBy David Daoud

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stressed on Wednesday that his country’s “nuclear positions are the same that we have declared before in word and deed.”

Khamenei said that these positions were the “primary positions of the government and that [Iranian diplomats] are expending all of their energies to realize these principles, and they will invariably hold by these principles to benefit the country,” Al Manar, an affiliate of Iranian terror proxy Hezbollah, reported.

Khamenei made his comments during a meeting with the chairman of the Iranian parliament, Ali Larijani, and other parliamentarians, according to the report.

Iran and six world powers face a June 30 deadline to complete an arrangement over Iran’s contentious nuclear program that would lift long-standing sanctions on the country’s beleaguered economy in exchange for limitations on nuclear development.

Khamenei claimed internal solidarity and strength would lead to a quick solution to the nuclear issue and commended the parliament on their compliance with the teachings of the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the 1979 Iranian revolution.

Khamenei added that there were “a series of other issues” besides the nuclear program that remained to be settled with “the West, America, and the Zionists,” including the issue of “human rights.”

He stressed that these issues would be solved through building up Iran’s internal strength and ability for domestic production, calling on the parliament to pay special attention to the “Resistance Economy,” and to fill current economic gaps.

Ali Akbar Velayati, Khamenei’s top adviser for international affairs and a former presidential candidate, made parallel comments during a meeting with officials of China’s Strategic Studies Center in Beijing on Wednesday.

Velayati told the officials that, “the Islamic Republic of Iran has tried to resolve issues through negotiations, but it will stand up to the excessive demands of some Western countries.”

He added that Iran would also seek the help of interested states to resist the West’s “excessive demands,” according to the semi-official state news agency Fars.

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  1. He is right. The negotiation is getting too far and demanding. Iran first came to table to sove the nuclear issue two years ago but now after two years france claims on his request of military site observation. It is evident like bright day that the sole power of each country is its military sites and so if foreigners cone and access these sites , it would be gross spying nothing else. Even if they see the military sites, then they want to probably shut them down or make new request. I personally think that if iran is so eager to have nuclear power then it should have because iran is not different from other countries with this power.


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