Baba Baruch Abuchatzeira Calls On Aryeh Deri to Stay On


baba-baruch-abuchatzeiraBaba Baruch Abuchatzeira has called on Shas head Aryeh Deri to remain in his post and retract his resignation.

“I turn to you in an emotional plea from me and all rabbonim of our holy family to strengthen your hands and activities in all holy public activities, and don’t turn to the misdeeds and acts of the arrogant people. We stand at your right to strengthen your spirit so you do not fall,” wrote Baba Baruch.

“As is known, you merited to stand at the head of the mission of the rav for the Torah of Klal Yisroel and the nation of Israel to found Torah establishments, talmudei Torah, yeshivot and seminaries and mikvaot in every site in the Holy Land for dozens of years. You don’t need to consider the publications.”

{ Israel}


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