Bad Sign? Gravestone Of Hillary Clinton’s Father Toppled In Scranton, PA, Cemetery



The gravestone of Hillary Clinton’s father, Hugh Rodham, was found tipped over in a Scranton, Pennsylvania, cemetery early Tuesday. Local police are looking into the incident, which may have been vandalism.

“I’m not sure how else it would have fallen over,” said Police Chief Carl Graziano. It has since been put back upright.┬áRead more at The Scranton Times-Tribune.



  1. Could a jewish news source ever be so more blind on their headline? To imply that the idea of her father’s tombstone being tipped over as a possible sign that Hillary is the devil in reincarnate is as evil as antisemitism being applied to jews being blamed for any issue against our faith.

    Had this ever happened anywhere, it does not mean that Hillary is the evil but rather that the evil does not like Hillary.

    This is not a sign, but it might be a warning of other evil and not from her office.

    This is very scary.

    We as jews are indeed very carefully concerned with cemetery crime.

  2. To #1,

    I understood no such implication. Rather, I understood the headline to mean it to be a bad sign for her campaign – nothing more.


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