Baltimore Community Weighs in on Future of Northwestern High School Campus


By BJLife

The Baltimore City Department of Planning held a community meeting regarding the future of Northwestern High School on Monday, July 10, at the school.

The Planning Department announced that, as a result of an initiative to develop or renovate schools in Baltimore City, the school system has identified school buildings that are no longer needed. Northwestern High School has been identified as such a surplus building, presenting an opportunity for new uses that will benefit the surrounding communities.

The Planning Department will meet with community members and stakeholders to explore prospects for use of the Northwestern High School property, which could include a different governmental use, sale or lease of the building for private development, or demolition.

The Baltimore Jewish Council has been spearheading an effort to involve the community, and to encourage developers to collaborate with the Council and with each other to plan for future redevelopment of that property.

Abba David Poliakoff, president of the Baltimore Jewish Council, noted that this 17-acre parcel sits within a vibrant portion of the Jewish community. Mr. Poliakoff said, “The use of that property will have a critical effect on the future of that area and on the surrounding community.”

The executive director of the Baltimore Jewish Council, Howard Libit, is closely monitoring the matter. Mr. Libit has had numerous communications with the Baltimore City government and with others in surrounding communities. Mr. Libit said, “We are confident that we can reach some consensus on the appropriate uses of the property that will benefit the surrounding communities and Baltimore City.”



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