Baltimore Riots Caused $9M in Damage



The Baltimore riots that erupted over the death of Freddie Gray has caused nearly $9 million in damage to homes and businesses, the Small Business Administration said Wednesday.

According to preliminary estimates, 284 business were damaged during the riots, totaling around $8,927,000, according to SBA spokeswoman Carol Chastang.

Protests over Gray’s death, which occured due to injuries he sustained while in police custody, gripped the city from April 25 to May 3.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogen has vowed to try to secure loans for uninsured businesses damaged during the unrest, which included looting and fires. Read more at Buzzfeed.

{CB Newscenter}


  1. sorry i am not buying that
    it had to be way way way more
    one shoe store was completely cleaned out that alone is a couple million in damages
    all the looting messes
    painting and spraying….

  2. who is going to be paying for these loans??? Taxpayers?
    How can they get away with this? Why are these _____ privileged characters???????

  3. I say, good for the people of Baltimore. You idiots keep voting left/democrat, so you get what you deserve. Now you’re going to have to pay for your white guilt. Thank goodness I don’t live in Baltimore.

    Btw, any upcoming Erev Shabbos fundraisers for your Hero, President Obama?


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