Barak: I’m Not Scared Of Anyone


barakDefense Minister Ehud Barak addressed for the first time today the recent death threats he received, saying he is “not scared of anyone.”┬áSpeaking at a Tel Aviv University function, Barak stressed that the recent letter received in his office does not represent Judea and Samaria residents. He estimated that the writer of the letter is part of a marginal camp in Israel.

“The authority of the government over the citizens is a milestone of democracy,” Barak said. “Regardless of the letter…I’m not scared of anyone…”

The threatening letter sent to Barak’s office earlier this week included the following text: “Mr. Ehud Barak, if you think of destroying the settlements in Judea and Samaria, you are mistaken. I will murder you beforehand, and if I don’t succeed – then after you are no longer a minister when you won’t have bodyguards.”

The threats continued: “Beware. I will hurt you or your children or all which you hold dear.”

Speaking today, Barak said he did not see the letter himself, as it was handed over to the Shin Bet security service.

{Yair Israel/Ynet}


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