Barak: US-Israel Relations Have Been Damaged


barakAt the 2014 Globes Israel Business Conference, Ehud Barak accused Netanyahu of damaging US-Israel relations.

“I told my friends in the Cabinet that we need to respect American sovereignty. They have their own opinions, and we must listen to them. We must respect them. There has never been a perfect symmetry. We must protect our own sovereignty, but, at the same time, promise that we won’t destroy our relationship with the US President, or with the American public. The relationship was not destroyed, but it was damaged. Both US Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama invested a lot in helping us, and they failed. Rabin and Peres also failed; also I failed. We can’t use this to curse them. We must respect them,” former Israeli Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Ehud Barak spoke with CNN anchor Richard Quest at the 2014 Globes Israel Business Conference, when asked about the deterioration in US-Israel relations.

Financial Times chief foreign affairs commentator Gideon Rachman, who also participated in the discussion with Quest and Barak, when asked how the world perceives Israel, said: “In the Western world, there is a sense that Israel is drifting right, and this is dangerous for Israel. If there is a government that’s not interested in two states for two nations, it’s dangerous for Israel.”

Barak added, “When calls to boycott Israel come from Europe, it’s serious, and we must take this into account. Europe is Israel’s number one partner – not the US, and not China.”

Barak attacked Netanyahu, who sided with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the last US election, and said, “We cannot get involved in US politics!”

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  1. Barak is unhappy that Netanyahu supported Romney in the last US election. He conveniently “forgets” that Clinton sent his political advisers to help to help Barak get elected.

  2. “We must protect our own sovereignty”
    How, by letting the US dictate to us what’s good for us – because they know better?
    Hey Ehud, how about if I start telling you how to run your millions, which tzadakahs to donate to, tell you that you must move out your house – because it’s good for you?
    “We cannot get involved in US politics!”
    But Obama could get involved in ours?


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