Barak: When We Say All Options Are on the Table, We Mean It


ehud-barakWhen Israel says that all options are on the table regarding stopping a nuclear Iran, it means what it says, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said at the AIPAC 2013 conference tonight.

The State of Israel would not be what it is without the U.S. – its people, its leaders, its Congress and the Jewish community, said Barak.

Barak stressed that Iran’s pursuit of nuclear capabilities is “the greatest challenge facing Israel, the region and the world today,” adding that if Iran goes nuclear, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt and even local terrorist groups may follow suit. “Diplomatic efforts are unprecedented and sanctions are hurting, but frankly, while exhausting all diplomatic means is understandable, I do not believe it will lead to the ayatollahs giving up their nuclear aspirations. Therefore, all options must remain on the table,” he said.

Barak said, “We expect all those who say it to mean it. Ladies and gentlemen, we mean it. And let me repeat it: We mean it.”

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