Barkat Orders Civil Suits Against Chareidim


nir-barkatYerushalayim Mayor Nir Barkat has instructed the city’s legal counsel to file civil lawsuits against frum residents following the riots in the capital. Last week, the mayor suspended all municipal services to the charedi neighborhoods of Geulah and Meah Shearim in light of the protests. After a particularly stormy week, the city’s treasury department estimated that the damages caused in the riots amounted to several million shekels. Consequently the city decided to file suits against those the police have evidence had been involved in acts of vandalism.

During the riots, municipal vehicles were damaged, some 250 dumpsters were set on fire, close to 70 traffic lights were smashed, and traffic cameras were also damaged.

However, not all City Council members approved of Barkat’s move. “I advise the mayor that before asking the legal counsel to file suits he should make an effort to fix and clean everything that needs fixing and cleaning,” council member Shmuel Yitzchaki from Shas said.

“As far as I know, until now the garbage and the stench are still covering several neighborhoods. I think that the mayor’s way of handling this is wrong. Clearly I’m opposed to violence, but this matter should be addressed differently,” he added.

{Ynet/Yair Israel}



  1. I really hold we ought to file charges against the mayor, i was crossing Bar illan & Eli hacohen streets were the traffic light were smashed out by hooligans [there is a video of shabaniks doing it] and was almost his by a car.

    The mayor as a MAYOR OF A CITY must either fix the traffic light, and if he is scared that they will be demolished again he must send crossing guards at all intersections!

    By not doing that he shows how careless he is of the thousands of people including tourist that use these roads

    >I think that he should be impeached for not being able to withstand his racism<


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