Barkat: Rabbonim Have Condemned Violence, But Where’s The Government?


barkatYerushalayim Mayor Nir Barkat has complained that the government is not offering any backing to the city during the recent days of protests in the chareidi community over the arrest of the mother accused of starving her child. “Not only rabbonim should condemn the riots,” Barkat told Channel 2. “Government ministers and public figures should speak out.”

Barkat also defended his decision to suspend welfare services in two frum neighborhoods after municipal offices in the area came under attack, saying that his primary concern was the safety of the workers.

“We have no intention to impose collective punishments. When quiet is restored we will carry out our duties,” he said, rejecting criticism by a human rights group that the move amounted to collective punishment.

{Yair Newscenter}


  1. I really hold we ought to file charges against the mayor, i was crossing Bar illan & Eli hacohen streets were the traffic light were smashed out by hooligans [there is a video of shabaniks doing it] and was almost his by a car.

    The mayor as a MAYOR OF A CITY must either fix the traffic light, and if he is scared that they will be demolished again he must send crossing guards to all intersections!

    By not doing that he shows how careless he is of the thousands of people including tourist that use these roads

    >I think that he should be impeached for not being able to withstand his racism<


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