BBC Changes Tweet After Ateret Cohanim Corrects Erroneous ‘Facts’


This week, the BBC WorldNews Tweeted “Breaking News: Israel killed pregnant woman and her child in Gaza.” But the team at Ateret Cohanim / Jerusalem Chai were paying attention and did a little research. They checked the BBC WorldNews Twitter history and noted that the news organization hadn’t given out a single Tweet in the last 24 hours about rockets raining down over Israel. They didn’t note that 14 Israelis, including children, had been injured from these rocket attacks. In short, they left out the facts and the context of the IDF’s response. Further, the team found that there was no substantiation of the alleged “killing” of the pregnant woman and her child.

Ateret Cohanim immediately brought attention to misleading BBC WorldNews Tweet, which made the Israelis look like the aggressors. Within moments, their Tweet went viral, which resulted in the BBC deleting its initial Tweet and changing their message to “as a result of rocket fire raining down on Israel”.

“The BBC has a responsibility to their readers and listeners to get the facts straight,” said Shani Hikind, Executive Vice President of American Friends of Ateret Cohanim / Jerusalem Chai. “I welcome the corrected re-tweet from the BBC WorldNews team and expect that in the future they follow the “best practices” of professional journalists who confirm their sources before publication.”




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