BD”E: 14-Year-Old Cancer Patient Who Got To Meet the President Has Passed Away


Emilee Imbar, a girl who has been battling cancer for the last seven years, has died.

Emilee became famous a few months ago when, during President Trump’s visit to Israel, her dream of meeting the world leader was fulfilled.

Shimi Geshayed, Director of Rachashei Lev, Israel’s national support center for pediatric cancer patients, together with long time Rachashei Lev supporter, Prime Minister Netanyahu, were able to facilitate a meeting between Emilee and President Trump.

President Trump chatted with Emilee, asking about her health and wellbeing, and relating to her a little bit about the immense responsibilities of being a President of the United States. Emilee blessed and thanked President Trump, and presented him with a letter she wrote expressing her desire to meet him again – this time in the White House, where she hoped to do business with him, and maybe even to bring peace to the world. Unfortunately, Ms. Imbar was never able to realize that dream.

President Trump was visibly moved by Emilee and wished her good health and a speedy recovery. Those in the room were also moved — by the President making time in his short 27-hour fully stocked itinerary to make a sick girl happy.

Imbar was 14 years old.

{ Israel Bureau}




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