BD”E: Rebbi Passes Away at Kashau Camp


A maggid shiur in the Satmar yeshiva in Monsey, Rav Pinchas Elya Weinberger zt”l, did not wake up this morning.

Rav Weinberger was staying at the Kashau camp on Geiger Road in Ellenville in the Catskills.

The niftar was a son of Rabbi and Mrs. Hillel Weinberger.

Yehi zichro boruch.



  1. R”L. The summer season has barely begun and we already have our first tragedy. May we hear only besuros tovos going forward!

    • I appreciate your wishful thinking. But as past summers have shown they’re usually very grateful. The three week. Has now gone on to 10 weeks. But I do hope your wishes come true.

    • when we are hit with tzaros like this but don’t wake up to Hashem’s message to do teshuva then we leave Hashem no choice but to continue R”L

      I.E. when a child will not listen to a parents chinuch then sometimes theres really no choice & he needs to be punished.

      its up to our gift of free-will to decide to either live in denial & do nothing but keep the tzaros hitting C”V OR wake up & face reality with doing teshuva.

      may his neshama have an Aliya


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