BDS Group Spreads Photoshopped Image of Concentration Camp Inmates Holding Anti-Israel Posters



A Facebook page supporting the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement on Wednesday uploaded a Photoshopped image of Nazi concentration camp prisoners holding anti-Israel signs, William A. Jacobson of the popular Legal Insurrection blog reported.

The picture, posted by a page named “I Acknowledge Apartheid Exists”, shows skeletal survivors holding up signs that read “Israel Assassins,” “Break the Silence on Gaza,” “Stop the Holocaust in Gaza” and “Stop US Aid to Israel.” A sign in the far back of the image says Gaza is “the world’s biggest concentration camp,” while another poster shows a Palestinian flag along with the words “Free Palestine.”

A slogan at the bottom of the offensive image reads, “Whatever happened to ‘never again?'”

The Facebook page, which boasts over 91,000 members, captioned the post “Viva Palestine.” At the time of publication, the picture has been “liked” by 307 users and “shared” on the social media site by 110 users, including the Central NY Committee for Justice in Palestine.

Many Facebook users expressed disgust over the image, calling it “inappropriate,” “shameful” and asking for the picture to be taken down. One user said, “I find this really disturbing. It’s not a case of ‘not getting it’. How can exploiting and image of other people’s suffering be an acceptable thing to do? Is that not what we’re supposed to be against??”

Another commenter said the picture is not just distasteful but “outright anti-Semitic, incredibly unpleasant, inappropriate and sullies the name of everyone who is trying to oppose Israel’s actions on Palestine.”

Responding to the criticism, the Facebook page claimed the image is intended to teach a lesson. The page’s administrator said, “I am not going to stop posting something because some people do not get it. We have to teach them at some point. If people think we should not post because some people do not get it, we may as well not post anything at all.”

The page was created in March 2013. It claims its mission is to “promote the narrative that Palestinians deserve the same rights and liberties that Israeli’s enjoy.”

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  1. If they want the same rights that Israel enjoys, why don’t we subject them to the same hatred and torture that Jews have “enjoyed” throughout history.

  2. Very horrible. I predict that just as they use propaganda to show that starvation has a “cause”, their own cause will now be starved by the force of Trust in G-d. Too bad. I would think that someone in the hateful zone of hate might have actually liked the BDS sorcerers.

  3. Well what do the deniers say if there were no such thing as the holocaust then who are these people holding up these posters. So with this it shows that the deniers believe there was a holocaust and they are taking advantage of the picture. They really should make up their mind on what they believe yes or no?? It is nice to have stupid people as an enemy.


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