Behind-the-Scene Discussions About Karta Parking Lot Proposal


karta-parking-lotProtests against the opening of the Karta parking lot in Yerushalayim have lessened somewhat  and it has now been learned that negotiations are ongoing behind the scenes between representatives of the Eidah Hachareidis and the Yerushalayim Municipality in an attempt to find a solution to the satisfaction of both parties.

The arrangement being discussed would have the parking lot being transferred each Shabbos to an Arab businessman. The parking lot would be operated by a Shabbos goy and chillul Shabbos would thus be avoided, at least from that standpoint.

Yerushalayim Deputy Mayor Pepe Alalo said that, “We want the parking lot to remain open, but on the other hand, chareidi protests affect the image of the city. Tourists rarely come anymore.”

The new proposal has supporters, though some look at it as the municipality caving to chareidi pressure. Some secular and left-wing Officials have sharply criticized Mayor Nir Barkat for working with chareidim, as they see it as giving in.

 {Yair Israel}


  1. This is how things get done – compromise. Hillul Shabbos by Jews is avoided, non-Jews (and those not yet shomrei Torah) get their parking. No burning garbage cans, no police.

    Couldn’t this have been done without all the Chillul HaShem of the riots? Avoiding open confrontations makes it easier for everyone to compromise. Mutual respect usually works.

    As for the parking lot being used by Jews – get some kiruv experts out there on Shabbos. A pleasant approach by someone frum might create a wonderful impression and make more progress for Torah observance than a hundred riots.

  2. Anon – No it would not have worked without riots and protests. As you see from the quote from the cop himself, they are only doing since the protests made tourism drop on shabbos. The chilonim would not have listened to the chareidim. Only thru fighting does anything take place in this wacked out country


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