Belarus Kevorim Not In Danger

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In total disagreement with reports of the World Association of Belarusian Jewry that two Jewish cemeteries in Gomel, Belarus, were destroyed to make room for residential towers, religious leaders told Kikar Shabbos that no such thing took place and that the Belarusian government was fully cooperating with local Jewish leaders.

Likewise, the Belarus foreign ministry told JTA that it had acted in coordination with the Gomel Jewish Bais Yaakov community led by Rav Dovid Kantarovich and that soil sampling for human remains was conducted in his presence.

“The country’s Jewish community, including that in the city of Gomel, has excellent relations with all government officials,” said Rav Gedaliah Koltaniyok, head of the East European Rabbis kashrus organization and president of the Israel-Belarus chamber of commerce. “In talks I had with the Deputy Prime Minister and with the Foreign Ministry official responsible for relations with Israel, it was agreed that no harm will be done to Jewish cemeteries or other important heritage sites, and that everything will be done in full coordination with us.”

President of the Conference of European Rabbis Rav Pinchas Goldschmidt concurred.

Kikar Shabbos was informed by local rabbonim that only two kilos of broken bones were found among tons of dirt from the site in the past six months.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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