Belgium Foils Islamist Terrorist Attack



At least two people were killed Thursday in Verviers, Belgium when police raided an apartment used by suspected Islamist radicals. Two unidentified people were killed, a third injured, and several others arrested. No police were hurt.

Yesterday, a Belgian arms dealer turned himself in after saying he gave the Charlie Hebdo attackers weapons in Brussels last year.

Eric Van der Sypt, a spokesman for the office of the Belgian federal prosecutor, confirmed two people had been killed and one person was in custody. “All I can tell you now is that we intervened on a terrorist cell planning attacks in Belgium,” he said.

Witnesses told RTBF a man shouting “religious slogans” in Arabic and French, armed with a handgun, entered the metro station Ribaucourt in Molenbeek. The suspect is believed to be at large. No one was reportedly injured. Read more.

{Andy Newscenter}


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