Ben-Dahan to Soldiers: Prove Israel is World’s Most Moral Army


eli ben dahanIsrael is an army whose basis is morality – no matter what outside organizations or countries say, said Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan, Deputy Defense Minister, Arutz Sheva reports.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony for students of pre-military academies on Wednesday, Ben-Dahan said that he “felt a great privilege to be standing here with the future officers of the IDF.

“You are the future of the army. Each of you represent an important foundation in the army, and among the Jewish people.”

Ben-Dahan quoted the novi Zechariah, “who showed us the way to victory over the nations – ‘not by might, but by my Spirit, says the L-rd of Hosts.'”

He added: “Your most important responsibility is to increase the spiritual strength and protection of the IDF. Your responsibilityis to show the IDF has the most moral army in the world, an army based on Judaism and Zionism. The IDF has more strength and capabilities than any other army in the world.”

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  1. START by pushing to lower 3-year draft stint to 2.5 for all

    something which would garner accolades and support all over the spectrum


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