Ben & Jerry’s Unveils Charoses-Flavored Ice Cream for Pesach


ben-and-jerrysHaving already come out with an ice cream containing pieces of matzoh and chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s is now offering a charoses-flavored ice cream as a kosher-for-Pesach dessert option over the upcoming Yom Tov, Ynet reports.

The ice cream, which comes in 500-gram containers (at a cost of NIS 20 and containing 231 calories per 100 grams), will be hard to find at the large retails chains, but will be on sale at private stores or available directly from the company’s production plant in Yavne.

Ynet put the ice cream through a taste test, with a group of 25 children, ages 7-18, coming back with an unequivocal response after trying the new flavor without being aware of its contents. One spoonful was enough for them to say, “No good.” Adults who tried the ice cream were slightly more positive: “It tastes ok at best,” was the general response.

Neither the adults nor the children recognized that the ice cream contains a type of food they usually come across around the Seder table on Pesach.

{ Israel}



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