Bennett: “Abbas Responsible for Blood of Jews Spilled on their Tallit and Tefillin”


mda-at-attack-siteMKs and public officials have issues official responses to the brutal massacre of Jews in Har Nof this morning.

“The shocking massacre in a Jerusalem synagogue this morning are the unfortunate sum of the Palestinian position: the more we toughen our stance and call for tensions to calm, the more the brutal incitement from the Palestinian Authority leadership continues and worsens,” Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein (Likud) stated. “Their dispatchers are not repulsed from murdering worshipers inside the synagogue sanctuary itself. They break records for depravity and cruelty.”

“Israel should not be dealing with those who aim to massacre innocent people within our holy places,” Edelstein fired. “I send my condolences to the families of those killed and wish the injured a speedy recovery,” he added.

Economics Minister and Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett also held PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas responsible for the attack.

“Abbas, a leading terrorist who gave rise to the Palestinian people, was directly responsible for the blood of Jews spilled on their tallit and tefillin,” Bennett stated. “While we dealt with fantasies about a political peace process, the Palestinians made us an interlocking terrorism and incitement network.”

“Even the concept of concrete barriers does not stop terrorism but encourages it,” he continued. “Abbas declared war on Israel and we should treat it accordingly.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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  1. I guess the next will be Jews cannot go into synagogue because you will incite the arabs to riot. so you can’t go on the Temple Mount, next you will not be able to on the Kotel, next you will not be able to go on the Mt Olives, next you will not be able to go on the train, next you will not be able to go on buses, you cant drive your own car, next, next, next, because the arabs will riot, where is the Israeli government have they fallen asleep or they are for the world instead of their own people.

  2. So after this lovely speech,Mr Bennet,are you sure we won’t be hearing about resumptions of “peace talks”with these murderers in a few months time when the dust settles once again?.How many times after previous terror attacks did Israëli governments sit down with their “peace partners”to talk “peace”for what it’s been worth ?.We have to tell the big President in the White House once and for all NO MORE PEACE TALKS WITH THE MURDEROUS ARABS,IT’S OBVIOUSLY AN UTTER WASTE OF TIME,IT’S LEADING ONLY TO EVEN MORE BLOODSHED THAN THERE WAS BEFORE THIS STUPIDITY BEGAN 21 YEARS AGO.ENOUGH!We are safer without these “peace talks”….

  3. Everyone in gov’t and police have a deep sense that these niftarim were our people’s creme de la creme.

    There’s an deep weighed atmosphere from ‘the top’, more earnest, sorrowful,different in quality and with more resolve than other terror attacks

  4. Mr. Bennett, I wish you would change your mind and start funding those men who were in their Tallis and Tephillin. Why do you and your Knesset partners Lipman & Piron cut off funding for those poor impoverished Chareidi men in Tallis and Tephillen? Why are you forcing them to close their Gemorah’s?


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