Bennett Apologizes For Party’s Anti Charedi Ad


Habayit Yehudi leader and Education Minister Naftali Bennett apologized after his party’s Yerushalayim branch ran an anti-charedi campaign.

Yediot Aharonot had reported on Monday that Habayit Yehudi had been distributing posters featuring leading mayoral candidates Moshe Lion, MK Zeev Elkin and Ofer Berkowitz dressed like charedim under the caption “only Habayit Yehudi will stop Yerushalayim’s charedi influence”.

“Habayit Yehudi strongly condemns the campaign published this morning by the party’s branch in the municipal elections in Yerushalayim,” tweeted Bennett. “The campaign was not carried out by the party’s national leadership, and does not represent its position regarding the charedi public.”

“This is not our way,” added Bennett. “We believe in the connection and dialogue between the different parts of Israeli society, and not in increasing polarization.”


Read more at Arutz Sheva.




  1. There’s reason that HaRav Ovadia Yosef zt”l called them “Bayit shel goyim”
    and HaRav Shalom Cohen shlit”a called them “Amalek”.
    While Bennett made fun of Chareidim, he called Conservative and Reform “our brothers.”

  2. Brick yard warriors.

    They are not wiser than the jet plane. It gets the trash in and out of our holy land. Where are the real who are holy? They may be ready only when Hashem sends them.

    G-d bless America. I am proud to daven with the best. They are not chelonei and it might not be every year to visit the western wall just for a photo op.

    Pretty snake sharp. A king. Real. G-d.



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