Bennett: I Made A Pact With Lapid Because Likud Rejected Me


naftali-bennett Habayit Hayehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett for the first time explained the alliance between himself and Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid on Sunday, emphasizing that he does not plan to compromise on the issue. In a status update on his Facebook page, Bennett wrote, “Why did we coordinate our steps with Yair Lapid? Because of the Likud’s decision to leave Habayit Hayehudi out of the government.”

“Were it not for this coordination,” Bennett wrote, “there would be a government of Livni, Kadima, Shas, Yesh Atid and Likud, without religious Zionism and without Habayit Hayehudi. This government would go full speed ahead with Livni’s policies (giving up Jerusalem, giving up the city of Ariel, an obsession with negotiating with the PLO, etc.) This is a fact.

“This coordination has changed the political map and forced the Likud to bring in Habayit Hayehudi. Because of this coordination, the government will be focused on social, economic and domestic issues, and not just diplomatic ones. This government will focus on social and economic issues in Israel (lowering the cost of living, lowering the cost of apartments, education, values, promoting Jewish identity, strengthening the Negev and Galilee), and will not only obsessively preoccupy itself with talking to Abu Ala [former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei].

“Yesh Atid and Habayit Hayehudi have points in common, as well as points of dispute,” wrote Bennett. “Let’s focus on realizing what we have in common, and that’s a lot. We’ll continue to argue about the rest. We will not deviate from our principles. The public can judge us over the next four years.”

Channel 10 TV News reported on Sunday night that settler leaders are demanding that Bennett enter a government with a nationalist majority. According to the report, settler leaders Zev (Zambish) Hever and Pinchas Wallerstein are putting pressure on MKs from Habayit Hayehudi. “There is no logic in going with Lapid under any circumstances,” said Wallerstein. “Bennett is trying to turn Netanyahu into his puppet. He wants to crush the Likud. This does not serve nationalist goals.”

A senior Likud source said on Sunday that, “Netanyahu would like to bring Habayit Hayehudi into the government and has directed his negotiating staff to do everything in its power to make sure this happens. Likud-Beytenu has no problem with the alliance between Bennett and Lapid and sees them both as desirable partners. The problem is that both parties condition their joining on the exclusion of other parties that belong to the nationalist camp and that expressed support for Netanyahu during the elections. The prime minister will not agree to creating a tear in the fabric of the nation or disqualifying an entire voting public.”

Likud-Beytenu responded in a statement that “Habayit Hayehudi was the first party to receive an offer to enter the government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu. Habayit Hayehudi’s central promise to its voters was that it would join a government headed by Netanyahu, strengthening it from the right. At present, the only thing preventing the establishment of a government with a majority in the nationalist camp is the refusal of Habayit Hayehudi to join the government headed by Netanyahu. The prime minister calls for a government with a majority in the nationalist camp and invites Yesh Atid to join it as well.”

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  1. Bennet, you are overplaying your hand.

    It is True that you did capture the minds of many in the Dati/Li’umi Tzibur.

    That is because we were hoping that you will actualy stand up for Our values.

    You are proving us all WRONG !

    Just an other politician that will sell out their core values for a little bit of power.

    I hope they will Call for new elections, we will see if our voters will stick with you baldy.

  2. Dr. Haim Shine

    Don’t let the Right bring down the Right
    Naftali Bennett, Ayelet Shaked, Uri Ariel and their fellow Habayit Hayehudi Knesset members took pains to persuade voters that they would prop up the prime minister from the right. Many will recall the campaign billboards showing Netanyahu and Bennett side by side.

    Many of my fellow religious Zionists, including residents of Judea and Samaria, sincerely believed that Habayit Hayehudi would make sure the nationalist camp stayed in power. This nationalist camp would face off against a world that is hostile to continued settlement in Judea and Samaria and the unification of Jerusalem. It would defend Israel’s security during troubled times and preserve Jewish values against those who have grown tired of their Judaism. Habayit Hayehudi’s success in the elections was based on voters’ belief in these lofty promises.

    But Habayit Hayehudi voters have woken up to find that their party is changing direction and actually blocking the establishment of a nationalist government. The party might actually thwart the nationalist camp’s chance to lead the country in the spirit of national and religious Zionism. This is not the first time that Knesset members from the nationalist camp have actually brought down a right-wing government and helped to give power to the instigators of the cursed Oslo Accords. Enemies in the Palestinian Authority have noticed the weakening of Israel’s Right and are egging on the next intifada. The residents of Judea and Samaria may once again find themselves on the battlefront.

    The alliance between Yair Lapid and Bennett is a strange one. It is an alliance of momentary self-interest between two good men, who until a few weeks ago realized that to lead the state of Israel, you need security and diplomatic experience. Anyone can lead when the sailing is smooth, but you need an experienced captain in stormy waters. Now, suddenly, Lapid and Bennett have convinced themselves of their ability to lead Israel, before even proving their abilities to manage large public and national institutions. Real leadership does not mean trading in hope and illusions. In this world of falsehoods we inhabit, modesty is a rare virtue.

    Bennett is wrong and misleading if he tries to persuade his voters that Lapid will stand by their side when they make decisions on difficult issues like the “peace process” or religion and state. Lapid’s voters will be the first to raise a glass in Tel Aviv pubs for every Jew evacuated from his home or every Jewish symbol erased from the Israeli public square.

    Bennett says he will not enter a government without Lapid, and Lapid insists he will not enter a government with the haredi parties. Every political novice understands that a government without haredim means no government of the nationalist camp. A government that is hostage to the Center-Left. Not to mention baseless hatred from someone who refers to everyone as “my brothers.”


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