Bennett: If One Hair of the Boys Is Damaged, We Will Hunt Down the Terrorists Behind the Kidnapping


naftali-bennettToday, Israel’s Economy Minister, MK Naftali Bennett, visited Yeshiva Mekor Chaim in Kfar Etzion, the yeshiva attended by two of the boys who were kidnapped by Muslim jihadist terrorists in Israel. Bennett had stern words for the thugs who kidnapped of the boys.

Bennet said that the aim right now is “to bring the boys home.”

If the teens are harmed, Bennet said, Israel will hunt the terrorists down.

“I say to the terrorists,” Bennet remarks, “if one strand of hair on the heads of the three boys is damaged, we will chase down any individual involved in the arranging, orchestration or carrying out of this kidnapping, whether they have been involved directly or indirectly.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Sure, endanger soldiers lives ,to run after and capture these terrorists, and then 18 months down the line ,to release them from jail, in exchange for our right to talk to the holy PLO in order to make ” peace.” with them.

  2. If the teens are harmed, Bennet said, Israel will hunt the terrorists down…..
    YES, and what will u do to him?
    How exactly will you hunt him down, arnt they trying to do that now??

  3. Bennett is asking for hate for discipline. He is a criminal ideation of lost value. Clearly this is a big issue. We do not need Bennett to instigate his fraudulent hate too.

  4. Bubbuh maasos! They’ll lob a few rockets into an empty field! Theb PA has never “paid” a “heavy” price EVER! The feckless Israeli Government is so scared of CNN calling them “aggressors” that they will NEVER do anything in return! They are their own worst enemy! Bunch of coward wimps babies!

  5. Does he mean to say that otherwise they won’t be hunting down the kidnappers? Won’t they be hunting them down regardless if they damage the boy’s hair?


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