Bennett: Let Abbas Go to the UN Already; He’ll Lose Out, Not Us


naftali-bennettBayit Yehudi party leader Naftali Bennett said today that he was ready to call Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas’ bluff on his threats to take his case to international tribunals, unless Israel does what he, Abbas, wants. “Is he doing us a favor by continuing negotiations with us? If he doesn’t want to negotiate, that’s fine. And if there are no talks he plans to complain to the United Nations? Let him – he will be the one that gets hurt.”

Abbas cannot afford to antagonize Israel too much, said Bennett. “There are many death warrants on the heads of Fatah leaders” at the hands of Hamas and other terrorists. “He has no economy, he has no security. If the IDF abandons him he is finished. I would recommend to him that he not make such threats.”

Abbas last week threatened that if Israel did not release the final batch of terrorists on time, he would “turn to the UN’s international organizations.”

Read more at Arutz Sheva.

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