Bennett Slams Hamas ‘Ceasefire’, Predicting Escalation In Violence


Israel’s Education Minister and leader of coalition party, Naftali Bennett, slammed a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas which was announced on Motzei Shabbos to end almost twenty-four hours of fighting, calling it a “serious mistake”.

“Allowing Hamas to dictate the terms of the ceasefire after two months of arson attacks and hundreds of rockets on the residents of Gaza border communities is a serious mistake. Showing restraint creates an escalation in violence,” Bennett said.

Only hours after Bennett’s comment and Hamas’s announcement of a ceasefire, red alert sirens sounded across the Gaza border region as mortar shells and rockets were fired towards Israel again.

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  1. Lieberman has turned out to be a paper tiger. He has done nothing to protect the citizens of Israel. He is even worse than Boogie Ya’alon.

  2. Big mouth. Had you Bennett been PM you’d have been controlled by these self-appointed-for-life pro-Arab Supreme Court judges like the current PM and would have done the exact same thing.

    Had the 6.5 million Jews living in Israel stopped their apathy and protested the interference of those non-elected judges in government matters and forced them off their seats, the PM would be able to start leading the country.


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