Bezedek to Pursue Claims Against Mishtara for Brutality Against Chareidim at Shabbos Protests


protest1In light of the alleged police brutality at the recent Shabbos demonstrations in Yerushalayim to protest the opening of the Karta Parking Lot, opposite the Old City, Bezedek, The American Israeli Center for the Advancement of Justice in Israel, has agreed to pursue claims against the police. Numerous complaints have been lodged against the police, but local Israeli officials have been unresponsive in dealing with the alleged misuse of force by police officers to control crowds of frum Yidden at the Shabbos protests over the past month.

Anyone who has any specific information regarding brutality or excessive force used by Israeli police toward chareidim at the recent protests is requested to contact Bezedek at 02-500-1822. (From outside of Eretz Yisroel, dial 011-972-2-500-1822)

{Yair Israel}


  1. Police brutality is one of the biggest evils affecting the Israel societal fabric today. Fixing it will B”H bring us one step closer -but it might not be fixed until Moshiach comes.


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