Biased Media: CNN Solely Focuses On Democrat Moment At Baseball Game



  1. Exactly. And the dog that runs that station, Zucker, claims it’s the Republicans fault for the shooting that took place. Go figure. Why aren’t they shut down by the government?

  2. Clearly this is the war that we do not need to discuss. If CNN wants a bias to the Dems that is not the basis of common hate. To see this reported as a concern for my community is a scary experience by which I find that the tooth of hate is trying to bite into any American institution that does not format itself just for anyone but the democrats. There is enough coverage of this event to know that the dems and the republicans played. We do not need yet another hate article to incentivise the next hate killer who hates either liberal or conservative politics.

    Irresponsible journalism to analyze every camera angle on the news.



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