BibbySitter Helps Parents Keep Children Safe and Secure During Meals


graco-harmony-high-chairBibbySitter is a new product to help parents keep their children safe and secure in their high chair. The vest attaches to the high chair to keep a baby fully-seated, comfortable, and protected. It also boasts machine-washable fabric, an adjustable strap, and easy fastening.

The BibbySitter was born out of necessity when creator Shany Appel was having difficulty feeding her children. At first she had tried a traditional high chair harness, but soon discovered that her child could still maneuver out of it and ended up dangerously hanging off the side. Appel decided that she had to come up with a better solution.

As a naturally creative person, Appel first began thinking of the BibbySitter when she was standing on top of a ladder cleaning out a closet. She saw a rundown duffle bag that she knew needed to be thrown in the trash, but thought that the buckle strap could be used to secure her daughter in the high chair. Although the strap was not secure enough, this discovery led Appel to begin experimenting with a vest and straps.

Over the past four years, Appel has researched, tested, and improved the bib to create a product that can help parents keep their children safe in high chairs. It started out as a simple vest with Velcro, but after testing, a baby was still able get out of the bib. She then went back to the drawing board and added a D-ring to thread the Velcro through so children would not be able to stand up in the high chair or take it off themselves. Appel also found that buckles on the back were too restrictive, so she moved them to the side, allowing for increased comfort and security. Appel also perfected the neckline and only uses high-quality buckles so parents can fasten and unfasten the BibbySitter from their child simply.

Appel’s neighbor Fay Bikel, who now uses the BibbySitter with her own children, said, “I had never had a problem with my children sitting in a high chair until my youngest was born. Even though Shany had created this bib, I didn’t think I would ever need it. Now, I use it at every meal to make feeding an enjoyable task.”

The BibbySitter comes in seven beautiful colors, including hot pink, burgundy, plum, chocolate, navy, red, and royal blue, and is available in three different sizes. Customers who buy the BibbySitter now can get it at the low introductory price of just $29.99 and also receive free standard shipping in the continental US.

For more information about the BibbySitter, visit the company online at

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Parents, baby-sitters, Bobbies & Zaidies,

    Please, PLEASE
    Nothing substitutes supervision!!!

    Ask any Hatzolah member.

  2. Of Course nothing substitutes supervision and I would not think that this item was invented to do just that. But I can definitely see this item make feeding a “labedige” infant a lot easier and less stressful


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