BIBI BOOMING: Likud Gaining In Polls


Despite his legal woes, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu would win a fifth term if elections took place today, and his Likud party is more popular than ever.

According to a Smith Institute poll published by Maariv, Likud would win 34 seats, four more than what it won in the 2015 elections and two more than it won in an earlier poll in May. For many Israelis, Netanyahu seems the right man to handle the Gaza and Syrian crises and his popularity is enhanced by the recent move of three embassies to the capital.

The Yesh Atid party fell from 19 seats in May to 17, and Zionist Union fell from 12 seats to 11. The United Arab List fell from 13 seats in May to 12 and Bayit Yehudi fell from 10 to 9.

Yisrael Beitenu party rose from six mandates to eight, UTJ fell from seven to six and Shas climbed from four to five.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. So what? It doesn’t matter who wins. It’s the self-appointed supreme court judges running the country anyhow. Just like in the US before President Trump, all previous Presidents were puppets of the CIA who installed them fraudulently. (Which is why the CIA and Deep State are trying everything possible to get rid of Trump in any which way; impeachment, assassination or whatever it takes.)


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