Biden First Year Popularity Lower than Cheney, Gore


bidenVice President Joe Biden’s popularity has fallen to its lowest point since the Democratic National Convention, a new Gallup poll finds. There are nearly as many people with an unfavorable opinion of Biden, at 40 percent, as there are with a favorable opinion (42 percent). That makes Biden far less popular than the previous two vice presidents, Dick Cheney and Al Gore, during their respective first years in office.Biden’s favorability rating peaked in November of last year at 59 percent, the poll finds, and has steadily dropped since. While President Obama’s popularity has declined over the course of the year as well, his favorability rating remains higher than Biden’s at 55 percent, according to Gallup. On average this year, Biden’s favorability rating has been close to 20 points lower than the president’s.

By contrast, both Cheney and Gore in their first years as vice president held favorability ratings just a few points lower than President George W. Bush’s and President Clinton’s, respectively. On average, Cheney held a favorability rating of 65 percent in 2001, while Gore was popular among 55 percent of Americans in 1993.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton beats out both Biden and Mr. Obama with a recent favorability rating of 62 percent.

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